Thank You!

Last night's launch was super solid thanks to all of you guys! Each time we put out new stuff, there is never a guarantee that it will be met with a positive response, so I am deeply grateful for the strong turn out for this wave. I must apologize for not having more Silver parts available. All the supply numbers across the board were even, Silver just went faster (followed closely by the Infection Clear Red). Silver will return in the next round for certain, and not only in the styles you have seen, but in all new figures as well (from all new molds).

We'll continue to keep the most popular colors in full rotation with each launch and whenever restock arrives from overseas. After doing this for a number of years there are definite colors that always seem to move at a steady clip. Black, Clear Colorless, Silver, Gray and GITD Green have always performed really well with White gaining in popularity over the past year.

I'm personally psyched for the upcoming months because of the different plans in the works, especially getting to work with Ralph again on more comics (sneak above)!

March should be fun for those of you who dig the RXH crossover project. Pheyaos will return in a couple of different ways, and we will also see the appearance of a chompy overlord from across the pond.

I know that Jesse has a killer Callgrim Custom Corps cooking and almost ready to go that really showcases his painting and building skills. I can't wait for him to roll them out! Thanks again to all of you for allowing us to keep this going for a little longer, I'm thankful for all the things you each share with us every single day.


  1. Well I blew getting clear red axis joints as I was flying home from a 2 week long work trip. Any chance of seeing these restocked since they went so quickly? I was looking forward to these the most and hope to get another chance. Thanks for all the other cool stuff though!

  2. Do I see Glyanauts in that illustration?

  3. More silver? New molds/characters? Grey returning (hopefully Gendrones)? More of Ralph's comic? Callgrim CC? You have to stop, I can only handle so much good news in one day. ;)

  4. Diggin' the teaser art. Kinda reminds me of the Delphi, with a familiar pair doing repairs to the hull.

    Glad to hear the night was a success, Matt! Keep up the good work, all associated parties! (There are a lot of them these days...)

  5. Well, Thank you Matt, and Marc, Michelle, Jesse... uh.. man.. I know I'm leaving people out.. I don't mean to..

    I actually just bought more.. as I figured I would.. wow... a lot of stuff just cleared out, didn't it?

    it's nice to see how popular all these things are... I'm dying to see the new sculpts that are on the way... and colors.. and rxh stuff.. sheesh

  6. Matt, you're a prince, man. I'd been planning last night for, like, two weeks, so when I saw the Extra Set parts, I nearly lost my mind. You went off-script on me!! XD

    In any case, thank you so much for providing us with such an inventive series. You've got my girlfriend considering toy design now!

  7. So much great stuff heading our way!
    It feels like Christmas is coming in March :D