Early Figure Steps

Noboto saw a decent amount of changes during the early days of his toy form development, initially materializing as a more compact little guy with some less bulb-like head designs (although the ones in the above drawing did inspire the current Noboto's alternate Clone noggin).

On the other hand, Gobon maintained a basic bell body shape right up until full production, even though its overall proportions were pushed and pulled to try and find just the right balance before we settled on a final form.

The above sketches are also from 2006, when Michelle and I were revising the MVR team for the second Sidrick book and tightening the overall look for the jump to 3D sculpts.

The odd floating mechanical head up there is a character named Gloot, another weirdo who's part of Noboto's crew. That long strand of junk coming from beneath it was supposed to serve as a potential stand for a toy version. Both Michelle and I want to see old Gloot make an appearance as an actual toy at some point, even though he's just a little saucer head!


  1. Want a Gloot! Can be used as a floating saucer or alternative head?

  2. Thanks for sharing! These sketches actually look like a "grittier" take on the characters, something vaguely pulpy and probably coated in rust. Funny that these would actually give way to the smoother designs we have now!

    Also: it's hard not to imagine Gloot in PVC now.

  3. Would a clear ABS stand be out of the question for Gloot?

  4. I really like Noboto's proportions there in that second drawing... very much reminds me of the Real X Head minis. I think it would be a hoot to see Mori's take on Noboto as a mini!

    BTW: Gloot's the poop, man.

    1. Oh man, RealxHead Noboto will now haunt the corners of my daydreams. Ever elusive. Curse you forger of monsters!

  5. Gloot is awesome. Any of the said monsters in Monsters vs. Robots ever make it into the Glyos universe?