The Alpha Waves

Continuing with the Outer Space Men spotlight, here are some pics of the new Alpha Wave assortment mentioned in the previous post.

The clear colors on these really pack a punch, and the additional gear adds just the right amount of contrast.
I pushed the lighting a bit to try and capture the satisfying hues and translucent effects.

Man, that Gamma X is such a great combination so many cool things!


  1. I'm digging that Colossus Rex colorway, it almost looks like an homage to one of the figures from Crystar. The other colorways of figures are good too, but I'm more of a fan of opaque colorways as you can see details better, with the clear colors I feel a lot of the detail is lost as the light refracts off of everything. The color choices are excellent for all the figures though, that Horroscope figure is terrifying, though. O_O

  2. I am so glad I hopped on the pre-order list for these. There hasn't been a non-outstanding wave of OSM yet, but the clear blue with these is just really shockingly good. I also made the Crystar comparison over at the MicroFans Facebook group, while Gamma-X, my favorite here, has a real Super Joe Luminos vibe...

  3. I guess it's the light, but Terra's face looks quite feline in that first picture.

    At first I just wanted a "normal" Terra and Jack set, but seeing these pictures I'm glad I've pre-ordered the "Alpha Phase" set.

    I also wasn't sure what I was going to do with Gamma X, but now he'll either be a Super Visor or Guardian of my Glyos stealth figures.