Mini Mission Details

My apologies for popping the details for this list up so late, but there was some behind the scenes activity that I had to clarify before all the items could be finalized.

To celebrate this 6th anniversary mini release, we have lowered Gobon's price to $8, to hopefully make it a little easier to put together the original MVR team!


Noboto -MVR Standard (Light Yellow Noboto head, Light Green/Light Brown body with painted eyes) Also includes Light Brown Clone Head $8
Noboto -Proto Clone Alpha (Light Yellow Clone head, Light Brown/Light Yellow body with painted eyes) Also includes Light Green Noboto Head $8
Noboto -Proto Clone Beta (Light Green Clone head, Light Yellow/Light Green body with painted eyes) Also includes Light Brown Noboto Head $8

Gobon -MVR Standard (Light Yellow/White with painted eyes) $8
Gobon -MVR Reverse (White/Light Yellow with painted eyes) $8

???? -$8

It's a small release, but a very special one for Michelle and I.

Thanks again for your help in bringing these guys to life!


  1. Very cool! I'm excited about this one. There had to be a "?????", didn't there? Any chance you guys will ever reprint some of the old comics so that some of us newer guys can catch up?

  2. They look awesome.
    I can't wait to add these little guys to my collection.

  3. The colorways are TOO KEWL bro! LOVE THEM ALL!!! Can't wait! The boys are w/ their mom on vacation in the Black Hills and they are texting me like crazy about this drop!!! They can't even go on vacation w/o having Glyos on their minds...well neither can most of us...hahaha


  4. Oh ho ho -- too frellin' sweet! Um, order limits?

  5. These look great! I see the brown/yellow as an adventuring archaelogist, love the colors.
    What are the limits on these? I'm sort of hoping there will be limits like last drop's Pheydens, at least at first, don't want to miss out on getting a couple of thses guys. :)

  6. Very beautiful colors, though are the regular Noboto heads on the other two done with the same style of eyes as the Standard? Or will the schlera be black?

    Either way, very beautifully done, and I'll be sure to grab at least a set, provided we can order more than one!

  7. This is incredible! So happy for you guys!

  8. I am SO going to get one of those Roswell Survivor Beta Clones... talking about your classic alien-looking dudes! YUSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

  9. Nobotooooooooooooo! Stop cloning around! Oh crap I want so much of that brown and green haha. Thank you for bringing brown back!

  10. Replies
    1. Oh, you just HAD to go and make the Beta clone even more awesome than he already was!

  11. I've got my fingers crossed for a butter yellow Armorvor. It'd look so badass.

  12. I really love the use of color on them. Seeing the three standing together gives me a nice Microman-like vibe (particularly makes me think of the cuter Microman releases like the Uniquers and Mr. Grey). Well done!