New Weaponeers of Monkaa Release

Our friends Jeremy and Brian over at Spy Monkey Creations have an all new release that is scheduled to hit their store today, September 4th, at 12PM PST.

The new wave is a solid mix of deluxe and basic GITD figures as well as a selection of their recent SDCC 2013 special editions of "The Weaponeer" and "W.O.M.O.M.F.G. Gohlem" (shown above). Both of the SDCC versions are in limited supply and really came out looking great, with some really clever nods to classic properties from back in the day.

Make sure that you also check out the latest installment of the continuing WoM saga, Power of the Lifespring, featuring brand new artwork by Nate Baertsch!

September is turning out to be packed with new Glyos related stuff!

Good luck to the Spy Monkey team today!

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