Buildstation Notice

We are on track for the new release tonight at 9:30 PM EST. The store will contain only the newest assortment of figures, with the past waves available on a dedicated Buildstation page. The idea is to minimize load time and make it easier to grab the new stuff.

The items in the Buildstation will still appear in your PayPal shopping cart with everything else, just pop over to the new page to add things if you'd like. Please be sure your cart is empty before placing a new order.

The limit of ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR will remain in place. We are seeing a high volume of traffic and need everyone's cooperation to make this as smooth as possible. After the initial dust settles, we will allow customers to place another order.

Thanks once again for your understanding and support!

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  1. Just tweeted your drop to my fans. Cannot wait for my ivorinium glyaxian!