Gatekeeper Evolution

A Traveler from the past returns this Sunday night, September 8th, at 9:30 PM EST.

The new list is almost complete (everything has been delivered and reviewed) and will be posted tomorrow afternoon, along with more pics!

There are things in this launch that we've been waiting literally years to finally release. We hope you guys like the results!

Mini Trivia: The magenta and purple shown in the pic above give these new Gatekeepers a shot of extra vivid color. Can you guess what classic sci-fi toy line this particular Gatekeeper color scheme pays homage to? Prize to the person who comes up with the answer!

PS -A Formanchie is not the prize (I still owe some brave souls out there).


  1. Looks like classic "Decepticon Purple" to me, but then, that's my bag :)

  2. My first guess was one of the creatures from Major Matt Mason but that seems unlikely.

    1. Hey Adam, you got it! The Gatekeeper colors were born from my love of the Major Matt Mason alien, Scorpio!

      Scorpio showed up near the very end of the Mattel produced MMM line (1970-ish), and always struck me as kind of an answer to the OSM. Such a strange turn of events, as the OSM were designed by Mel Birnkrant and produced by Colorforms to "fill in" the noticeable lack of aliens in the original MMM range, only to have Mattel answer back with an alien of their own, which absolutely looks like it could have escaped from one of Mel's sketchbooks!

      Mel creating Jack Asteroid could be looked at as a long overdue answer to the Scorpio character, albeit a slightly delayed one!

      The idea that now the 4H (who collectively work for Mattel) produce the OSM with Mel (the original OSM series creator) has a certain irony to it. Particularly because Mattel loosely tied He-Man to MMM with their Captain Glenn figure a few years back.

      Strange conspiracy?

      The connection between MMM, OSM and the classic Ideal produced 1967 motorized robot series Zeroids has influenced so many toy lines over the years, it's really amazing. A sci-fi trinity to be certain.

      It's also pretty neat that the successor of the Zeroids, the 80's Ideal produced series called Robo Force, will soon be making its return to the toy realms, courtesy of John Kent and Toyfinity.

      I love toy history.

    2. Zeroids inspired builds:


      In keeping with the retro themes...

  3. Is it Pulsar and Hypnos?
    I know Pulsar had a purpleish pink and black clothed variant, and Hypnos was purple/pinky too.
    not to mention their visible organs and whatnot.

  4. I don't know, but it looks very nice.

  5. If it isn't the Sky Commanders, specifically the Raiders, then I've got nothin'.

    The new colors look hot, that's for sure. And don't think the hints went unnoticed; if there are LSA in this drop, then there may be much (happy) bedlam on Sunday night!

  6. Mmm.. Scorpio from Matt Mason, but Adam16bit beats me to it! :)

  7. Ha! Eric, Popples are what they make me think of too... Not sure if those count as a toy line but they do have the same vibrant purple and pink type colors.

  8. Replies
    1. That's just outrageous, man. Truly, truly, truly outrageous.

    2. Hypnos was my first thought. Aaand now I'm pretty sure I'm going to be stuck singing the Jemm and the Holograms song for a while. Oh well, at least it will get Toto's Africa out of my brain!

    3. Gonna take some time to do the things we never haaaaaaaaaave~!

  9. The purple/pink combo reminds me of the Dragonwind from Air Raiders.

  10. will the numbers on these guys be high or will some things sell out quickly? I might not be able to get online to buy them until 10 or so and I'm afraid of missing things