Enigma Source Part 1

All of us over here are super excited to share with you Part 1 of an all new comic, Enigma Source, featuring brand new artwork from the Cosmic King of Illustration, Ralph Niese!

Ralph really has a way of capturing the essence of a story, using a mastery of complex form and fluid line work that combines elements of Jack Kirby and Moebius, all resulting in a power packed visual feast!

Huge thanks go out to Ralph for working so hard on this comic. Michelle, Marcus and I were all so psyched when we saw the final pages, and we hope you guys will be as well. Part 2 coming later tonight!  -Matt

We thought now is a good time to update the comics section of the site. A number of new pages have been in the works for a while, and we're excited to start rolling them out over the coming weeks- stay tuned! -Marc


  1. Perfect so far. Viyer has only gotten worse since Granthan, it seems, though maybe Glyaxia will still prove worse.

    Noboto and Gobon are pretty much as I'd imagined them. Those two just exude personality in their design, so it's no surprise at all to see how they turned out!

  2. This is fantastic work,

    It's great to see some other organics in the Glyos system.

    Love Noboto and Gobon they are great, is the face off with the gatekeepers just a misunderstanding? Can't wait to find out!

  3. Nice work Ralph! I love seeing this universe come alive through his work. Truly amazing. Perfect portrayal of Noboto and Gobon... new characters are always welcome and it's always interesting to see how they fit into the existing Glyoverse!

  4. Love seeing Gobon and Noboto come to life! Ralph's work is outstanding, I think that he really is able to capture the essence of what Glyos is about. Ready for chapter II, great build up for the drop!

  5. You fellas are on fire!! Great stuff! Exciting drop!!

    1. By the way the sound effect of "Wig!" is genius.

  6. Ralph is a great, his art remember me ThE King, and i think is enought....thank for this distractions, we need to skip from the real life one times...

  7. Between Michelle's Sidrick comic and Ralph's space-venture, I'm just feeling lucky to be awash in this story and art. It is super to see that these OG characters are finally here and taking the spotlight. Noboto is king of my desktop right now!

    On board for tonight's drop!