Scorpio Type

This build was inspired by the alien character known as Scorpio, from the old 1960's Mattel series, Major Matt Mason.

A color combo like this has some pretty interesting potential, as it can look very alien under certain circumstances, or your little sister's favorite toy in another.


  1. Wow Matt! I love the look, especially on the face!

  2. Noboto bits in both colors? Most excellent!

    And the build, of course, is priceless. Too young for Matt Mason, alas, but Scorpio looks to have been one cool cat. How long did this one take to put together?

  3. Amazing build! I have to say, for some reason the thighs stand out to me the most. They almost looks like leg holsters or something. I'd LOVE to know the recipe for this one! Way to go, Matt!

  4. I agree with George. What's the recipe to build one of those? If you're sellin' we're buyin'.

  5. Yeah!!!! Shaddup and take my money!!!! :-)

    My favorite part is the modular look. It would be awesome if this was kit type thing that could be built in other shapes, or even combined to form ships and things to compete with Matt Mason's vehicles.