Mostly a Mimic

An interesting little factoid on the Neo Gatekeeper Reverse Armorvor shown above is that the purple painted areas are not a perfect match to the warm purple PVC from the rest of the Neo Gatekeeper assortment. The explanation for the variance is a classic showcase of how the manufacturing process can produce unexpected results.

When we received the first production test shots for all the new PVC included in this wave, I noticed that the purple parts were a tiny bit warmer than what was expected. Variations of this nature have occurred plenty of times over the years, and are usually so minor that we just keep rolling, assimilating any tweaks that need to be made along the way.

What stands out with the Armorvor is that all of its secondary "swapped" colors are painted on. This means that if the requested purple paint has a little more blue in it, and the injected purple PVC ends up with a touch more red in the mix, we will sometimes have a minor discrepancy. This is due to the paint department using the requested PMS color swatch to match the paint hue as faithfully as possible to the supplied color mechanical, regardless of what the PVC actually looks like. Luckily, since the Armorvor has all of its "swapped" areas painted on, the variance is uniform throughout the entire figure.

I wanted to point this out, as a few of you might find these manufacturing hiccups of interest.


  1. That is so AWESOME!
    This drop is going to be epic.

  2. Nice! I forsee this armorvor dethroning neo nebula as my favorite version.

  3. Thanks matt I find this very interesting. I worked 8 years in plastics 6 in rotational molding and 2 in injection molding. It is amazing to see how temperamental plastic is. A tweak by just a few degrees or a few seconds can totally alter the process. Can also cause for a very frustrating day of work!!!!!

  4. That guy is beautiful. I've been dying for more bright colors. I can't wait.