Sidrick: Cosmic Calamity Part 2

Sidrick and the MvR characters are back! I hope you all enjoy reading the conclusion to this wacky adventure as much as I enjoyed creating it.

I have been writing and drawing "Sidrick Stories" since I was 9 years old, and honestly it is still just as much fun now as it was then. Back in those days I had an audience of one (my younger brother) so it's pretty cool to think that Sidrick is making his way into all your homes 30+ years later!

Many thanks to Matt, Marc and Ralph for putting so much time and energy into making these guys come alive and helping me finish this comic. They are truly all amazing at what they do, and I am humbled daily working alongside them. Extra special thanks to all of you for allowing me the opportunity to show my art and introduce Sidrick to the Glyos community. Hopefully he'll be making another appearance in the near future!  -Michelle


  1. Great work, Michelle! Here's hoping there will be more of Sidrick someday soon!

  2. So much fun! With all the battle and intrigue and mystery in the Glyoverse, it's great to see something cute and just plain fun! Thanks for sharing with us, I hope we see more in the future.

  3. Super cute! "sorry I called you Red Headed!"lol

    Also I think this is the only other place than an old print add for car parts where I've see the phrase, "man alive" before...I only mention it because I use it in conversation.

  4. Golly, but I love this strip!

    And I also laughed at "Sorry I called you red-headed."

  5. This was a nice story.

    Hope to see Sidrick return for more stories.