Shipping is underway! The first batch of orders should hit the post later today, and continue going out into the weekend.

The above pic of the Gliporian Noboto shows a little bit of the Neon Pearlescent finish that is mixed in with the clear orange. Yet another PVC that is tough to completely and accurately capture with the camera.

This hue behaves in a similar way to the recent Mordireus Neon Clear Pink, almost changing color when viewed under different lighting. One moment the surface can look totally nuclear powered, and then suddenly the plastic turns almost frosted as you simply walk into a different room. It's a pretty neat effect. We've been internally referring to these types of production runs as FX Editions.

Noboto and Gobon sometimes use their own Gliporian entity when on Capture Missions, in a very similar way to Rechlen and Aves, when that duo would trap strange creatures.

On occasion, Noboto and his Gliporian will bond, covering Noboto in a powerful bio shell for increased protection, speed and strength. Very much like a living Flexion Suit.


  1. I love it when you guys release little bits of story information like this. Makes me feel a little bad for not getting a Glipboto this time 'round.

  2. Thanks for the backstory! But one question remains: where does the Glipboth fit in...?

  3. Nobot and his Gilporian bond?


  4. Interesting back-story, love getting to collect little bits of Glyos lore. Received my orders today, thanks so much for everything. The Glip Noboto is an instant favorite. Any chance of seeing this color again? Would love to see it show up again, especially on a Gobon or traveler.
    Thanks a ton again, you guys are amazing in all that you do. I can't get over the speed in which you get all these crazy orders processed and shipped out.

  5. By happy accident I discovered this new Gliporian color absolutely shines under a blacklight, and the shimmery peralescent effect is still there. It glows like crazy!