Auld Chompy Ends the Year

Just in time to bring 2013 to a close, the Nibbler phases back from his latest adventure beyond reality.

Some information culled directly from the blog of the mysterious Tarantulas:

Seen here stalking the battlements of Fishtank Castle, Teleport Fade edition, will be released on New Years Eve, along with unpainted clear and a Fishtank Castle Annual 1983.5 (Digital Edition). My thanks as always to my legendary collaborators Matt, Mori-san, and Don the toy whisperer.
Inspired by a technique I remember Mori bringing to SDCC in 2010, I wanted to re-create the original colour scheme with the addition of a skull-like white head AND that vertical fade to clear. We weren't sure how creating this fade with masked spray operations was going to work out - but Jon M at Rampage took the challenge and nailed it. The effect is pretty amazing as you can see! Thanks again Jon :)

Don't forget!  'Auld Chompy' returns to Fishtank Castle to toast the New Year at 7pm UK / 2pm EST today..

Real x Nibbler -Teleport Fade is limited to one per customer and will be £35 
Unpainted #5 is limited to two per and will be £25
PDF Annual £5

Any probs with the digital download (or anything else) please get in touch..

See you at Fishtank Castle & Happy New Year!!

 'Auld Chompy' actually appeared in my kitchen earlier today, and decided to accompany me (I had no choice) to the grocery store. Apparently he wanted to pick up some American treats after all that Phasing around...

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