The Beverly Base

2013 was a quiet year of transition for Callgrim, as Jesse spent the vast majority of his time working like crazy on bringing his newly expanded print shop to life.

Having known Jesse for 20 years, I can easily say that running a printing operation like this is something he's talked about forever, just as much as making toys and drawing comics. Truly a magnitude 10 endeavor.

As Jesse's workload at his new shop continues to remain heavy (business is good!), some alternative plans have been discussed for new Callgrim releases in 2014, potentially revolving around quarterly special releases and an available stock of some new standard versions (similar to our Buildstation). Of course, the gigantic Jumbo Callgrim is on deck to play a central role in all this potential action!

I believe that once Jesse masters his new Millennium Falcon, we'll all be treated to a whole new level of creativity from our favorite Beard Under the Mountain.


  1. I'm really digging Jesse's work and look forward to 2014 and the future release of more Callgrim.

  2. I'd be all over standard editions of Callgrim and crew since I got into this hobby so late. They show up, I'm ordering 'em!

  3. Standard Callgrim and Order would be cool.
    being in the printing business, i understand how demanding it can be. Best of luck to the Bearded one