I imagine that once Viyer cracked Noboto's source code, many a strange creation was introduced into the Glyos System.

This particular Protoclone has been tasked with discovering new potential candidates for use in Viyer's endless experiments. 

Through a combination of Dimension Gate technology and genetic manipulation, individually controlled travel into the Zorennor Rift is now more stable, allowing for an unlimited spectrum of lifeforms to be tracked and captured by Viyer's specialized Gatekeeper Protoclones.

This build configuration has since been modified into a beefier metallic red version, which will pop up in a later post.


  1. Nice! It was awesome to finally get a Noboto this year. I think that's probably the highlight of my collecting habit for the year. We've had a lot of fun playing with him down here. Between me and the kids, he's usually in someone's pocket...usually my daughter's.
    It was a surprise and a thrill to get him at last! Can't wait to see what 2014 is bringing. Keep up the great work!

  2. Anxious to see the bigger red metallic Noboto!

  3. Noboto has been in my pocket in one form or another since he's been released! What an amazing figure. This build looks great, too! I wonder if I have the parts to make one myself...