Velstryker Formation

In keeping with the spirit of the Takara inspired colors from the new Ecroyex wave, this configuration of Argen (which I've been calling the Velstryker Formation) is meant to pay homage to the iconic head design and flight gear of the classic Acroyears.

Stacking the scarves and belts can result in some interesting shapes, and the look of the new Dark Traveler scarf as a visor kind of gives Argen a pretty alien look. I started messing around with scarf/visor mixes a lot during the Buildstation wave back in June, and ended up incorporating a lot of those building sessions into the final  Dark Traveler scarf/belt dimensions, as well as actual sculpting decisions.

I imagine that when in this configuration, Argen is capable of operating at incredible speeds, flying with a precision and velocity difficult for even the most experienced Gendrone Hunters to keep up with. This more compact battle mode is now favored by Argen for most combat missions, due to him spending a great amount of time training and evolving under Phanost's guidance.


  1. Aaaww man... I just finished my Commander w/wing pack, thanks to the sweet box I got this week, & now I wanna try my hand at Acroyear. Also adding a little more red to the DT to match my Giant AcroDocs !!! Hey Matt, I wanna see your "Bug" build :)

  2. This is a really sharp-looking build. I'd love to see this animated, doing all sorts of aerial combat acrobatics.

  3. Ah man, I want a red dark traveler scarf for my Argen. I'm loving this drop! I noticed, my Argen has two of the same bicep! Is that usual? Kinda cool, never seen the occurrence before.

  4. Quite possibly a new favorite Argen build. I see he's gotten a little more symmetrical with this offering!