Silver and Chrome

Lots of activity in the month of December from our plastic slinging brothers!

The Four Horsemen have posted some sneak peeks of their special Outer Space Men Holiday Edition Silver Chrome armor accessories, which come with the brand new 2013 OSM Holiday Editions. These newly decorated versions also just happen to be beautifully painted up by the previously mentioned Ni!

As I  reviewed the parts (hence the pics), the whole assortment started to look like a Micronauts inspired fever dream! We now finally have the option of outfitting the latest wave of OSM with chromed parts!

Seeing Gamma X in clear colorless PVC sporting silver chromed armor and blasters is something directly from my "Nerd Book of Things I Wish Would Happen"!

The silver completely turns Jack Asteroid into an OSM/Adventure People/Micronauts super fusion astronaut!

Of course, then there is Colossus Rex, now made even more fearsome with a shield so reflective, you can see your doom all the clearer when he approaches.

I freaking love the OSM!

Always have, always will.


  1. Mel actually said in one of the chats I had with him on the forum that he wanted originally for Gamma-X to have a reflective chrome back half and clear front. This would be one way to make one yourself!

  2. Wish I could afford the Ni specials :(