Join the Rebellion

A theme running in the background across all the Glyos related lines is crossover. Because all of the creators are fans of each other, the notion of finding doorways that bridge the different worlds is very appealing and employed more often than you might think. 2014 will see some cameos from a few familiar characters popping up in some unexpected places.

The version of Maxx Zero shown above is meant to explore the possibility that perhaps some members of the Robo Force may have ventured into the Glyos System at some point. Or, maybe some Gendrone tech was stolen by an unknown agent of Nazgar, on a mission to gather new potential weaponry to be used in multidimensional conquests.

Wherever your imagination takes you, that's the place to be...


  1. JUST caught one of these on the aftermarket. So bummed to originally learn I'd missed the drop but happy to now have Hun-Dred the Conqueror join the Rebellion!!

  2. I REALLY wanna see what kind of vehicle builds you have out of these guys.