Last Friday, Ni released an all new assortment of Outlanders over in his 481 Universe Store.

Featuring a selection of GITD green, translucent purple and ivory plastic (which matches the Ivorinium PVC we ran earlier this year), the new color combinations really lend themselves to the Outlander's spacey form. Some Ivory Swing Joints even made it into the mix!

Be sure to check out the latest animated Astrolog tale as well! Some strange things are afoot on that lonely moon...

Congratulations to Ni on his first year running full production Outlanders! We're looking forward to the new 481 Universe adventures he and his partner in crime Carolyn have on tap for 2014!

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  1. The Ivory Outlanders look great, and seeing the clear purple in your pic is pushing me to hitting up his store again for a couple of those.