11-11-11 Callgrim Returns

Today brings the biggest Mercenary Alert yet: Callgrim finally gets his ride, and with a full production Custom Corps paint job! Check out Jesse's all new vinyl toy, the Warp Bike, right now at callgrim.com! More news as it leaks!

Huge congratulations Gimli! This one has been a long time coming.


  1. Oooooo now THAT is a cool hover-bike. I'm totally down for getting one of these. Now I just need to put together a Callgrim for it to ride...

  2. Hey Chris! These bikes come with Real Type CC style production drivers. The Callgrim in this pic is a full production piece! Not just a test, but the real deal. This Skullface comes with this Warp Bike.
    I love these suckers!

  3. Matt - Does that go for both bikes and both drivers? The Callgrim and the Order in the third shot will be available as production pieces with those bikes?

  4. Callgrim and his Warp Bike are one set. That other Order bad boy just might also be part of this small release.
    Each bike is fully compatible with the Rig and the Armodoc. We'll both be posting about the Warp Bike's development all next week.
    Rig Tech + Warp Tech=One Happy Skullface

  5. Man I really hope I can swing the cash when the release hits.

  6. *Snicker* You call him Gimli... >w<

  7. Man, will this lend itself to CC-style paint apps for future Glyos releases as well?

    And will either you or Jesse be posting anything as to how the custom-esque paint apps came to be at the production level? As in, are each unique, or do they follow a schematic...?

  8. WHOA, that's all production paint apps Matt?! O_O My hat goes off to Paul & his factory workers then, they did an awesome job! My 1st thought was that Jesse painted these up.

  9. We're psyched you guys like the bike!

    Jesse worked like a madman getting the paint applications to spec while we were in China. Working very closely with the team at the factory is what got this project to where it is.
    Jesse and I have both always wanted to see how far the paint could be pushed, so actually holding one of these as a production piece is really wild.

    Roy, the basic applications are following Jesse's master, but there are definitely variances due to the nature of the weathering. It actually makes each set that much more unique. The scarves are all hand made by Jesse in his Toy Tower.

    As far as doing a release of other Glyos characters with the deluxe production paint apps, I think that will most likely come to pass in 2012. Although I personally like being the Fisher Price of the equation to Jesse's McFarlane! Ha!

  10. Jesse has done a great job on these bikes.

    As to the Paint Apps/ Tampos, I love them, but I'm always a little worried that they might rub off or even smudge with play.

  11. ...Matt, that honestly just makes me think we should see a run of Gobons, Crayboth, and Armodocs in bright, kid-friendly colors. Maybe a new, super-deformed Pheyden sculpt that fits with the whole "juniorized" aesthetic!

    But seriously, thanks for the info!