The OMFG! Cometh

The Outlandish Mini Figure Guys! will invade the Glyos System this Friday, November 25th at 9PM EST.
$12 USD per 5 figure set, bagged with a header card. Color matched to a certain big headed space traveler, the run is in the barn and ready to ship the first week of December.

We are beyond excited to be part of such a unprecedented project. Massive congratulations to all the artists involved in putting this whole thing together!

These chunky little guys feel awesome in hand and really capture the pure intent of just making something that's fun -for all the right reasons.

More pics over the next few days!

EDIT: I tweaked the photo a bit to represent the true color a little better. These dudes mess with your peepers under the light! The hue is just about identical to the lighter Standard Pheydens we have run in the past. Without detail lines it appears even lighter, like a muted Robin's egg.


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  2. I just knew you'd choose Pheyden blue, when I saw that you were a $1K supporter.

  3. SWEET! I'll be down for a set for sure. How big are these Matt, standard M.U.S.C.L.E. Men size, or more towards the 3" size range?

  4. Great looking figure!
    I'm definitely buying the set.


    @ BahGlenn -- the figures were made to be
    the same size as M.U.S.C.L.E. figures.

  5. Skull dude alone makes this totally worthwhile...