A Tribe Called Glyos

Hey guys! Marcus here. I wanted to say thanks for all the positive feedback for the OMFG media and make note that they have been added to the archives: Ralph's gorgeous OMFG comic is on the sidelines here and you can find the Project: OMFG Passcode at the select screen.

In other news, I am headed overseas tomorrow to tour Europe with a new band! I will join Latin rockers Mr. Kowalksy on a 3-week adventure hitting Germany, Switzerland and France. Expect to see a few random blog posts of Pheyden crowd-surfing to strange new places... and if we're lucky, maybe a certain Bruno Orbit dude will show up in some pics...

Destroy Babylon (my band of 10+ years) will continue strong next year, but Matt and I also have some fun projects on tap for 2012. Thanks as always to everyone involved in the Glyos Community. To spend everyday of my life making music, art and toys with great friends and family is all I could ever ask for. I'll miss everyone (especially my beautiful wife Heidi) and cannot wait to jump back into it in January!!


  1. Fuckin' a. Enjoy the continent, safe travels, and come back with more stories than you can remember!

  2. Dude, European rockers... those guys are on a whole other level. Screw "A-Game," you gotta crank it up to Double-S! Good luck and have fun, man!

  3. Good Journey Marcus! Sounds like an awesome time to be had, so enjoy yourself! Kudos again on the passcode, it was cool to see some 8-Bit Glyos again as it's been a long time in-between the last time.

  4. I like the "A Tribe Called Quest" Name spinoff Marcus!