Electrocution Solution

Phil Reed (in town for a whirlwind visit), Marcus and I checked out the somewhat local Pinball Wizard Arcade in Pelham, NH last night.

Anyone who is in the Northeast who digs classic arcade machines needs to hit this spot. With a super clean look, tons of vintage and rare cabinets and lots of room, we all had a great time playing old school games. Phil had to bring the torture though, by challenging the electro-shock Adam's Family game. Phil Reed is a limitless animal and he coerced me into melting my hands.

If you guys get the chance, spend some time at this pretty new spot, just stay away from Uncle Fester.

PS- Cyber Lip!


  1. That place sounds awesome. Will have to check it out soon for myself!

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  3. No smoke?!? No ticket to prove you bested Fester?

  4. Dude, watch those hands! If they get fried, we won't get any more awesome toys!! XD