Glyoforms 3.0

For those that have been around since the early days of Glyos, you may remember a small flash app we made called Glyoforms. This was our ode to Classic Colorforms play sets, and another way to explore and customize the pixelated cannon of Glyos characters.

Glyoforms has been completely rebuilt using html and javascript (no flash), meaning it can be accessed on any device. This is a working model, but we want to give you guys a chance to play around while we test it out. A few tips before diving in:

-All sprites default to the upper left of the screen.
-On mobile devices, grab the TOP LEFT of a sprite to move it.
-Press the top center buttons to mix background colors and tiles.
-To save an image, take a screen shot. Create wallpapers and get creative!

There are a few sets available now from the master list, including Volkriun Space Force and the Rig Crew.  A handful of new pages are on deck, along with a few crossover surprises. Please comment here with any suggestions and feedback. Have fun!


  1. Wow!! This is so awesome!!! I had countless colorforms as a child! The nostalgic factor is hitting 100% and my kids are loving it!

    1. Thanks Jevon! I have fond memories of playing with the original basic shapes Colorforms back in elementary school, but my brother and I would fight over our TMNT and Batman sets at home, ha.

      If you have a tablet or touch-screen device, multiple fingers can play around simultaneously, no fighting necessary!

  2. Oh, Marcus, my friend. You have made this the Best. Holiday. Season. Ever.
    I will admit to disappointment when I realized the mini drops weren't getting Nav-Sprite updates, but this so makes up for it. New Crayboth colors! Super Crayboth! Glyoforms Hub Drones! The list goes on, and I haven't even booted up the Suckle page yet.
    So thank you. :)

    1. Your kindness is always appreciated, Cappy. Sprites from every drop of 2014 are on deck, and a particular Alcray set I think you will dig. Have a great holiday season, thanks again!

  3. The LSA page made me laugh. Of course you need an army of sprites, but good golly!

  4. Thanks Marc! This is incredibly fun and you don't have to deal with that funky Colourform smell. NES was one of my all time favs so I always do enjoy the 8-bit renderings you do. Would love to see a sprite of Kabuto Mushi Mk Il sometime! Keep up the awesome work!