Glyoforms: Build-a-Gendrone

The latest addition to Glyoforms is here: Build-a-Gendrone! This page has a mound of pixel parts to assemble your own Glyos 'drones large or small. We plan to do more sprite sets like this as well, pushing the digital building aspect into weirder territory.

You will also notice a minor revamp of the layout on all Glyoforms sets. With this new setup, each sprite is laid out along the top, and every piece can be duplicated to your hearts content. Each image created will become the top layer, so try designing your background first and work your way to the foreground. Thanks to our good friend Cappy for the help with the revised code!


  1. Too. Frakking. Kewl. And my finger don't get nearly as sore.
    You can also "throw away" a sprite by dragging it off the top or left of the page.

    1. I love that you can design gendrones that could never exist in the PVC Glyos world.

  2. Amazing work as always brother!