Official Glyos Database

This is something that has been in the works for the last several years, and we're thrilled to finally open it's digital doors. The Official Glyos Database is a new immersive site showcasing the various items we've produced since 2007. For the first time ever, the entire archive can be filtered by tags like Pheyden, Sarvos, Crayboth, and descriptive labels such as metallics, GITD, and vinyl. Dynamic gallery views also add to the fun of exploring the online Glyos System.

Many of the photos are direct from the original archive and store pages, but larger and alternate shots will be worked in through time. We also plan to add more accessories, bonus items and oddball images that have for the most part remained unseen or buried in the depths of blogger.

There are a few very special additions to the OGDB as well, including the official Production Wave list. Hard to imagine that in 7 years we've done 40+ releases containing over 600 unique figures, not counting accessories and customs! The first few years were a bit tricky to properly organize in this manner... back when we just added things to the store at a more random pace!

Another new addition is the Custom Corps 1.4 gallery - The Renegades are ready for close-up action!

This may very well be a work in progress for all of Glyternity, but we feel it's at a point where we can enjoy it for what it is- a fun way to explore and reminisce. For me, this site serves as a nice reference tool and a fun way to reflect when nostalgia strikes. We'd love to hear what you guys think and hope you enjoy the OGDB!  -Marc


  1. Awesome!! Its neat to see that I came into Glyos during wave 5 the Real Type wave. An awesome way to look back!! Thanks

  2. That was a loss of a hour just looking at the earlier releases. Great work, love the database

  3. There needs to be a way of submitting suggestions. I've already noticed that not all Advanced Phaseons are tagged as advanced phaseons nor are the all tagged as phaseons.

    1. Thanks for the feedback- you've come to the right place to leave suggestions. I've included the additional labels for the Phaseons. Please feel free to comment here or email me direct at marc@glyos.com if you find anything else!

  4. Good lord -- I know how I'm spending the rest of my year... and well into the next.