Kabuto Mushi MK II: Wave Six

Almost one entire year of Kabuto Mushi MK II has passed, and to celebrate, Marty "Totino Bold" Hansen will be rolling out his final wave of 2014 in his store tonight, December 14th, at 8PM CST!

Consisting of some fun color selections that pay tribute to classic Japanese characters, Marty's new assortment has a little something for everyone. Of note is the first time production of a brand new metallic emerald green (Kamen Rider Green) that really pops in hand, as well as a metallic light blue (Bio Boosted!) that matches very closely to the Gendrone Legion figures we produced back in December 2012. If you like Transformers, you're also covered, as a very cool Insecticons homage is also in the mix.

Lots of consideration and effort were put into the selection process of these new Deluxe figures, really broadening the spectrum of what Kabuto Mushi can become. It's pretty neat that 2014 opened up with a green Mushi and now closes with a fresh take on Marty's favorite color, evolved and ready to journey into 2015.

Congratulations on the success of year one, Marty! The whole Onell family has enjoyed watching Mushi grow, and I personally can't wait to see where you take things in 2015.

Long live Totino! Stay Bold!

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