Toy Break and the Dunder Chief

Last month when we were out visiting George and Ayleen, we ended up on the famous Toy Break couch, and then proceeded to go headlong into a mind bomb tangent attack that I will now apologize for in advance (ha!).

Huge thanks to the dynamic duo of October Toys for enduring the verbal hurricane that landed in their fantastic home right before DCon.



  1. Halfway through and it's been a hilarious blast so far. Probably going to start watching Toy Break because of your guys' segment!

    However, most important was to jump on and comment on my SFV stuff I got yesterday. I'm totally mesmerized by the awesome real type goodness. My first Rig was worth the wait, the color scheme on this one is going to fit so well with my favorites from the Glyos world.

    I've got my Sarvos configured as Scar Pheyden, and I keep picking this little guy up and admiring the color. It reminds me a lot of these olive-colored army men I used to have. In short, I love it. I can tell he's gonna be of those figures that I keep coming back to. A new classic.

  2. I remember watching Toy Break years ago when they first started doing it and meeting them for the first time at NYCC & the 4Horsemen show in February, which was very surreal for me to see them in person when I'd watched their show for so long. That being said, it's doubley surreal to see you & Marcus on the couch with George and Ayleen.

    This episode was a lot of fun to watch. If you guys had come to NYCC this year I'm sure you'd have mobbed the Mutant Mania booth Moose toys had set up there. I hand assembled like 10 mutants and grabbed a ton of freebies. There were rubber spines, limbs and heads everywhere. I remember asking the girl at the booth what the limit was on the make your own mutant bins & she said "Well it was 2 per person but that went out the window REALLY fast!".

    As for that song I always thought they were saying "Thirty Thieves and the Thunder Chief".

    I almost got into Big Boots when they came out as I did get a Weeble vibe off of them, but I just never got to the point of leaving the isle with a set. I did like how they had super powered mutants with some of the city sets and the aliens seem like a lot of fun. I they had arm articulation ala Battle Beasts I might've dived head first into that big boot filled pool.

  3. I recently got a ton of BIG BOOTS because they got liquidated to Dollar Tree. They really are cool!

  4. Oh and the best quote from this episode "You got any Big Boots, Bro?"

    1. Yes! We need to make that into a t-shirt or something. I'm convinced thay Matt is a part of some sort of "Get public awareness for Big Boots" movement and this show was specifically for that purpose.

      Big Boots bro.

      BIG BOOTS.

  5. This was a lot of fun! please do more interview stuff like this.

  6. Could go on for dayz & I bet it would still be FUN to watch :)

    BIG BOOTS !!!