Deep in the Woods

The stellar piece of Varteryx themed artwork shown above was created by our great friend and mega talent, Nate Baertsch!

Nate's latest visit to the Edge of Space strikes a real chord with me, as a huge inspiration for the Varteryx design came from a lifetime spent observing birds of prey in the woods around Acton.

Looking at Nate's illustration reminds me of walking near dusk in those woods, studying the fading light's otherworldly effects as the sun went down.

Thank you, Nate! We absolutely love it!


  1. Nate, this is rad as hell! Would definitely dig it as a print someday.

    There's a lot of drama to the piece, with storytelling potential to match. Is this an emissary? A scientist summoned to study some new discovery? A rogue agent, landing someplace hidden? So many directions, and the use of light and dark is so crucial to it all. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Echoing that I would buy this as a shirt.

    1. And it's also my new lock screen background on my phone.