Thank You!!!

Thank you for a great start to 2016! It's been a ton of fun preparing things behind the scenes for this new Esesdeth wave, and we're extremely grateful for the positive responses to the pictures and story bursts over the last week. Your continued interest truly keeps the creative fires burning over here!

We've been processing and shipping in hyper mode since Wednesday to get everything out the door as quickly as possible, hustling double time as the first big storm of the winter season begins to drift our way. As of this writing, all orders received up until this morning have been packed and sent out!

Special thanks to Toyfinity's John Kent for letting us debut the first fully painted Zeroid mold with the Esedeth wave. We've been working on that little bugger for quite some time together, and to finally see it in full production has been something really special. Expect more crossover action between all of us as 2016 rolls on. There's a lot to explore within this new addition to the Glyos family!

Massive thanks from the whole Onell team for a wild 2015 and solid start to 2016! Without each of you, we'd definitely be forever in that van down by the river.


  1. My favorite part of the recent drops has been the big loads of story that have come with them. The Glyos fiction is always so sparse and scattered it gets hard to keep track of events, where certain characters were, what happened when, seeing so much continuity has been great.