EMP Buildman Cinar

To better understand the advanced Axis integrated Buildman designs discovered within Argen's unlocked data files, a special Gendrone was assembled known as Buildman Cinar.

Patterned after the Buildman "Warrior" configuration that Argen utilized for his frontline soldiers, Cinar was also given access to the many different forms that Argen had pioneered during his extended time spent in "Voyager" mode. Careful measures were used by Glyaxia Command to ensure that only specific parts of Argen's core matrix were copied and uploaded to Cinar. Though the project was still considered very dangerous, the possibility of controlling an army of hyper powered Argens was deemed worth the risk.

Cinar was assigned to the Esedeth Mobile Patrol due to the high frequency of conflict on the planet, making the landscape a perfect live training ground to gain actual combat experience.

Currently serving as an all purpose counterpart to the specialized VRD units and answering directly to Commander Awken, Cinar's development remains closely monitored.


  1. Exciting! Glyaxia Command can't help themselves, the power-hungry devils! Next thing they know they'll have an entire army of badass sandy Argen clones to contend with.

  2. Cinar is Ranic reversed, so there's some significance there right? Coming full circle to restart all over again?

  3. Matt, a few of us have been racking our brains trying to figure out the inspiration for this colorway. We've gone through Air Raiders, Wheeled Warriors... whatever it is it seems very familiar and on the tip of our tongues. Any insight?

    1. I'm also thinking either Air Raiders or the toy release for the David Lynch DUNE movie.

    2. I just got my box today and I'm loving this little group!!! I like these small divisions like the Rig Crew. Also love the story bits on Buildman history.

      Hey George!! The whole mechanics and design of this drop remind me of an old 80s model-photo series from Japan called Maschinen Krieger. They actually still make models today. When I lived in HK, there was a small group of Gundam builders I hung around with that also built these. They ranged in powered suits, tanks, and chicken walkers. Matt is very well versed in all things cool so he might have been inspired by these with the new RF builds.

  4. I was admittedly hoping that there'd be more of a break from Argen (he's awesome, but he's been in every story for a while). Regardless, I can't wait to see how this new story plays out! :)