Point Cerrek

Glyans assigned to the Esedeth Mobile Patrol undergo extensive training aboard the militarized space station known as Point Cerrek, located just above Planet Esedeth's atmosphere.

Within Point Cerrek, select Glyans learn how to operate the newly developed Glyarmor and Variable Reflex Drivers in controlled environments, all under direct Traveler supervision. These soldiers also take part in a specialized OTR virtual program in conjunction with intense mental and physical conditioning.

The Esedeth Mobile Patrol stands as the first division to incorporate both VRD tech and non-Traveler Glyarmor use. 


  1. Seeing the back of the Glyan helmet with the back of the Traveler scarf like that reminds me of Gypsy from Mystery Science Theater 3000.

    1. Ha! I totally see it! Nice, I'm just imagining it with a red scarf now.

  2. Killin' it with the story bits this round. Thanks for sharing them!

    Ah, the Glyanauts. Been a while since we've seen them, eh?