A Visitor

While exploring outside for a good spot to shoot some pics, this little critter wandered into the scene!

The Mordle seemed to fascinate our new friend, as a major stare down went into full effect, lasting for way longer than it should have.

Eventually the turtle took off towards the woods, maybe to find a computer to join Club Mordle.


  1. Oh nice! It's always cool to find random animals like this out in the wild. I found a lizard in the next county one day while out there. Thing is this lizard had no place being there, so it might've escaped from someone. Good thing that's a little snapping turtle though, those things can take your finger off! O_O
    I always found turtles fascinating as a child & today. Hmmm...maybe I should make the Ston'emm a snapping turtle battle mount. To the drawing book! Thanks for the inspiration Matt! :-D

  2. snapper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome

  3. SWEET !!! All we get are raccoons & skunks :(

  4. A good thing the turtle wasn't a..."Rock". ;)

  5. ... but the horror doesn't stop here...