Task Major and Task Minor

I've really missed the Phaseons over the last few releases, even more so recently since the the Swing Joints rolled out. It has been a blast having them back again!

The above builds are contained, save for two renegade Switch Pins on the Task Major construction (top one) and the option for less Switch Pin "spikes" on the Roundfacer Task Minor form (bottom one).

Using the Switch Pins as little spikes give these Phaseon builds a little medieval armor/Alien Xenomorph look. I imagine that as the Phaseons evolve, they start employing more aggressive forms, a reflection of their darker purpose in the Glyos System.

My focus on the Phaseon might seem odd, but I think the challenge of pushing what was once a Beanbot into something else is always running in the back of my mind. A funny fact is that the Beanbot was actually a character from Michelle's Monsters VS Robots stories first, which also featured Gobon and Noboto. Being that Michelle and I are always blending everything together, the development of a particular character can take some bizarre turns, and the Phaseon's life cycle has been no exception.


  1. Which is funny, because from an outsider's perspective, the Phaseons are varying degrees of adorable, friendly-looking, and overall very benign in aesthetic. Maybe it's just the spikes that make them look so menacing.

    Also: Roundfacer Major and Minor might have to go on my shopping list the next time we see solid colorways. Especially Roundfacer Minor . . . very Star Wars droid vibe to the not-so-lil' guy.

    1. Now that you mention it, they both now strongly remind me of IG-88.

  2. Great builds! I really like the pose in the last pic. This is going to be a fun drop.

  3. Always glad to see more Phaseons! Though this is a pretty sudden drop! I'm glad I discovered that PayPal will pay via e-check and take the money when it can if your balance is empty (providing you have some in your bank).

    In honour of the Xenomorph spikes, I'm currently figuring out a Task Major in flat black. It doesn't hurt that my black Phaseon has some flashing on its chest, making it look like a faction emblem was scratched out. I think of my Phaseons as a cohesive unit of Phaseons from various fields and divisions (and of varying sizes and shapes) teaming up together. It'll be nice to have a villainous rogue Phaseon to act as a bad guy for them!

    Though I definitely want more swing joints! Extra-long, tentacle-like limbs are great fun to play with.

  4. I thoroughly regret having ever said anything against the Beanbot head.

    I only wanted to see the eyes changed to be more robo and less cartoon...not destroyed forever!


    Also I want that big block chest back, one of the best parts for bulked up builds, ever.

  5. Phaseons with Swing Joints! Of course. That's the one figure I haven't tried Swing Joints with -- and man do they look good.