Club Mordle!

John Kent and his partners Charlie Parry and Mike Hart over at Toyfinity.com have released the details on their new Club Mordle promotion, which grants collectors of the upcoming Mordles line a chance to purchase some new toys ahead of the crowd.

From John's blog:


CLUB MORDLE is now open over at Toyfinity.com!

Head on over there and you'll have the chance to join Club Mordle, which guarantees you the chance to order any upcoming Mordles product. Remember, you don't have to join Club Mordle to purchase product - but product available on release days to the general public will be available in limited quantities. You can see the full details in a previous post on this blog.

Today, I'm happy to finally give you some details about the very first product releases that Club Mordle members will have access to! 

Mordles love to arrive in groupings called waves. The first wave will consist of SIX colorways, released over the next three months (one release in June, one in July, and one in August).

The first two products, available to Club Mordle members starting on Monday June 17th through Sunday June 23rd (and release to the general public on June 28th) include:

Mordles - Standard Edition TEN PACK with special bonus item! The price for this pack will be $16.

Mordles - Crawler Edition TEN PACK. The price for this pack will be $12.

Product photos will follow this week.

The countdown to the return of the Mordles is on!

Link directly to their store HERE

Marcus and I have been working with John on the Mordle project since its inception, and we are both really excited to finally see the little buggers come back to life after all these years. The figures have been manufactured at our Glyos factory and the production process has been looked after carefully from start to finish, just like our own line.

The Toyfinty boys have some really fun things lined up for the Mordles that will make diving into their mysterious little world well worth the price of admission.


  1. Stoked about this whole project. Great shots Matt! They look like they are stomping around in the shurbs on Volkria

  2. MORDLES!!!!!!

    And their TOE NAILS are painted!!!! O_O!!


    This is indeed amazingly awesome news. I look forward to this release whole-heartily. Bring on the Mordles! :-D

  3. I was very interested in this already, but now knowing how much the 10 packs are going to be, I just had to secure my option on getting some.
    I just signed up for the club, and look forward to these little guys terrorizing my glyos, and probably my wife's purse and medicine cabinet:D

  4. These look so good. Really awesome to see something like this come together.