New Details

I want to start this block of information by first and foremost giving thanks to all of you who have stood by us throughout the past week. The challenges presented on just about every level, both professionally and personally, have been hard to describe. I want to get to the important details about what we are planning to do before anything else, so here goes:

-We want to reopen the store this SUNDAY, JUNE 23RD at 9:30PM EST. 

-There will be NEW LIMITS for certain items.  

The Reydurran Engineer Mimic Armorvor will now be limited to ONE per customer to begin with.

The Solid Pheydens (Source, Source Reverse and Ivorinium) will be limited to TWO EACH per customer.

-Please only order ONE TIME on the first night. If everything is looking good after the first night of sales, additional orders should be OK to place.

-Noboto WILL NOT be for sale. We have decided to pack EACH UNIQUE order that comes in with a random selection of either type (Ivorinium OR Clear Stealth) for FREE.
 We will be running both of these Noboto colors again, so everybody will be able to get whatever version they want in time. I hope that this eases some of the recent pain, though I know it's not much.

We have been continually working with Paypal to discover what exactly went wrong last week. I have spoken personally with over 11 representatives and been in an email thread with the tech support. In almost 7 days there have been no answers that bring any further clarity. I want to state clearly, here and now, that we can not guarantee that there will not be any problems on Sunday night. Paypal can also guarantee nothing, but we are asking for your cooperation to cut down on the chances of another meltdown as we test the ship again.

The biggest thing to be aware of is submitting duplicate orders. If you place an order and are not given the confirmation screen, close the browser and check your account to see if you were charged BEFORE attempting to order again. I can't stress this one enough. If you feel as though something is amiss, don't hesitate to contact us, as we will be watching everything moment to moment.

We have larger amounts of stock than ever before, so you will not have to rush to secure what you are after. Removing Noboto from the equation and lowering the limit on the painted Armorvor should alleviate a great deal of traffic stress.

Our family feels beat down from this experience, and I absolutely despise having to be so rigid about the limits for this "relaunch", but I see it as the only logical way to get things back in operation. Every decision that has been made concerns what's best for all of us, as a group, on both sides of the screen.

Thanks for taking the time to go over all the new rules for what we are attempting this Sunday. Once again, we're so sorry for the wake of negative events that have affected you guys.

Hopefully we can get the show back on the road and get the positive energy moving again.


  1. Good to see the store is finally coming back online. That's a shame about Noboto not being available, but it's good to see he's getting packed in for free. I sincerely hope you guys are able to hash things out with PayPal and get it all squared away.

  2. It's unfortunate something of this scale happened to you. You guys are some of the hardest working and kindest toy folks I know and this new Plan B is above and beyond "good customer service".
    See you Sunday!

  3. Matt, we're with you bro! I knew all of these troubles wouldn't keep you guys down. Expect an order from me come Sunday!

  4. Best of luck Matt and crew! I had a similar event happen to my store earlier this year with Paypal,their IPN went offline worldwide (IPN tells stores someone has paid and removed the item from inventory) and I was forced to take my store offline until they fixed it a day later. I can only imagine what you guys went through.

  5. Michelle, Matt,
    Don't feel sorry about these new rules, this is something mandatory to avoid any other issue with Paypal since there is no clear explanation to this day about what happened.
    You guys are great and kind people, be sure everyone here knows that and support you. Thanks for everything!

  6. Fingers crossed for smooth sailing. I'm looking forward to making my first order!

  7. I'll be there Sunday night. I won't be able to place the same order I originally had due to the new limitations, but I'm totally fine with that. Actually, it means I will probably be more diverse with what I purchase.

    As somebody who had duplicate orders, I'm confident that it can be avoided by following your recommendations.

  8. Glad you stuck through it, and the new limits make sense. Ive had to try dealing with paypal over the phone before and understand the frustration, your results depend on the particular representative you get that day, which is ridiculous.

    Looking forward to the sale!

  9. I really, really hope you guys aren't beating yourselves up either personally or professionally. I'd be very surprised if any customers thought you were responsible or held it against you.

    I very much appreciate the limits on the Armorvor and also your very generous decision to include free Nobotos with each order. This allays my concerns about the order process. Very excited for Sunday night!

  10. I'll definitely be there Sunday! Thanks to you and your family for putting up with this, and as usual, for bringing us such amazing toys.

  11. So stoked it's back online.

  12. This really wasn't Onell's fault. It's like a meteor hit paypal as the store opened... Some things just can't be forseen.

  13. I blame Noboto. He obviously entered our world through a portal he opened right in the middle of PayPal's server room, then promptly tripped over the power cord and pulled it out of the wall. We should be so lucky he won't be available until the mess he made is cleaned up! :-P

  14. YaHoo!

    Hope all is well.
    Sunday night can't come fast enough.

  15. Like everyone else I'm super excited to hear about this. The free Noboto is a great, though I do feel bad that you guys feel like you have to go this route with the figure. I'll be making sure to spend a little more to make up for your generosity :)

    Keep trucking, you guys are the best.

  16. don't worry about the limits, we want all of this to go smoothly as well. I've been with you from the beginning and I am not going anywhere.

    you guys have been amazing though this turmoil and I know you are taking this very hard. DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP. you are all great.

  17. That's a shame. Sorry to hear it went that way. I actually was only after a pair of Nobotos (and tossed in some swing joints), so I may just sit this drop out and wait for the proper Noboto release.

  18. First off, I'm glad that the madness has started to settle. Its ridiculous though that Paypal hasn't given you all any further insight.

    The lengths you all go through and the amount of time and energy put in will always be appreciated to the fullest. It's definitely what makes being a fan/collector very easy. You can count on my order and support.

  19. You're way too hard on yourself, Matt. The plan for Sunday night sounds good. Looking forward to it.

  20. Matt, you all are the classiest acts in the business right now, if not ever. You've only gained respect for approaching this as openly, as fairly, and as generously as you all have. If there's any ill will to be found, rest easy that it cannot be seen amidst all the support and good tidings that continue to come your way.

    My only hope is that everything goes well on Sunday. Having Nobby as a bonus is quite the gesture of good will, and no doubt will inspire some trading once things get going. Moreover, it will definitely help to alleviate a lot of the traffic issue, as there's no fear of the little guy selling out.

    Kudos to you, Onell team. If you've read the comments this far, you know that you'll always have a loyal crew who's got your back.

    Let's do this, Matt!

  21. While I'm glad things have been sorted out, I'm rather disappointed in Noboto's removal and random assortment. Clear colours, particularly plain ol' stealth "Clear Colourless", do not appeal to me. Amazing, pearled and shiny solid colours, however, are a dream come true!

    Still, I hope things work out.

    1. Well, there's this: "We will be running both of these Noboto colors again, so everybody will be able to get whatever version they want in time."

      Or trading if you don't get the one you want.

  22. You gotta do what you gotta do. I don't think anyone is upset with you guys personally and I know we're all eagerly awaiting the drop.

    All the crap you've put yourself through just shows how invested you are and I thank you for that!

  23. The free Noboto is appreciated, although not necessary as I don't see how you guys are to blame for what happened last week.

    Of all the things listed the only thing that makes sense to me is the instruction not to submit duplicate orders.

    I've been guilty of this the last time, because the click-to-confirm screen was visible for so long I wasn't sure I had clicked the button correctly.

    I'll act more wise on Sunday.

  24. Hope everything goes well on Sunday. I was just trying to get Nobotos last go round so I will be sitting this one out. I will have to wait a little bit longer to have a Noboto in my grubby little mitts.

  25. I'll be there for sure w/ trigger finger ready to fire!

    I hope everything is good w/ you guys over there?


  26. Is it 930 yet?
    Not your fault, guys, dont feel so bad. Were all still here, still fans friends and family of the best toys out there from the best toy maker. Thanks for all you guys do.

  27. You said the The Reydurran Engineer Mimic Armorvor would be available at a limit of one per customer but it isn't listed on the site. Are they available?