Shopping Cart Alert

We are on track to re-open the store tonight at 9:30 PM EST. To further help with any issues tonight, we're asking everyone a quick favor BEFORE the launch:

Please head over to the store page now, click the View Cart button and be sure there is nothing currently in your cart. Remove everything if necessary.

All new buttons and item numbers have been created, but we are advising everyone to check that their PayPal shopping carts are 100% EMPTY before starting tonight as an extra precaution (refresh the store if you do not see the View Cart button).

Thanks once again for your cooperation and support!


  1. My carts clean! Can't wait for tonight.

  2. Cart is now clean and ready to go! Looking forward to The Drop!

  3. In and out. As smooth as before.

  4. Hey hey hey, everything went smooth today! Glad to see you guys up and running. You're the best...no one else is even close!

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