Mission Details

Got busy over here today! I'll skip my top of the post ramble and cut to the chase (new ramble can be found below the list):

The following items are scheduled to be in the store on Friday, June14th at 9:30PM EST.

There will be purchasing limits on select items: 

-Armorvors (2 limit per customer) 

-Travelers (4 of each special SOLID style per customer)  

-Stealth Pheyden/Standard Pheyden/Reverse Pheyden (6 per customer)

Buildstation: Stealth (Clear Colorless/No Paint)

Traveler -Stealth Pheyden MK III (with painted eyes and scarf) $8

Glyan -Stealth MK II $6

Buildman -Stealth MK II $6

Phaseon -Stealth MK II $4

Crayboth -Stealth  MK II $3

Armorvor  -Stealth MK III $8

Swing Joint Set -Stealth $3
Hub Set -Stealth $4

Axis Joint Set -Stealth $3

Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set -Stealth $2

Standard Pheyden MK IV (Light Blue/Grey with Grey eyes and Grey detail lines) $8
Reverse Pheyden MK II (Grey/Light Blue with Pink eyes and Grey detail lines) $8

Source Pheyden (Light Blue with Grey eyes) $8
Source Reverse Pheyden (Grey with Pink eyes) $8
Ivorinium Pheyden (White Pearlescent with Blue eyes) $8

Armorvor -????? $8

Crayboth -Standard MK II (Light Orange with painted Pink accents and Pink detail lines) $4
Crayboth -Traveler Hybrid (Light Blue with painted Grey accents and Grey detail lines) $4


We have reduced the prices on the majority of the Buildstation items, so that you guys can build more things for a little less dough.

The Armorvors will stay at their current price of $8, as we've already pushed that item as low as we can go, even with higher volumes. The Travelers will also remain at $8, as the same holds true for Pheyden.

The Source Travelers are designed for those of you who may want a detail line free version of the Standard and Reverse Pheydens. Swap the parts and you can have the option for something more Fisher Price styled.

Ivorinium Pheyden uses a pearlescent additive in the PVC, which gives the figure a kind of "cosmic ivory" look. Tough to photograph, but very interesting when in hand.

As mentioned before, a few surprises are on deck for Friday night, one of which has an interesting history that we will share before the launch. The other surprise (two styles) should add something unique yet familiar to the Glyos equation. Hopefully you guys will like what you see.

I'll be posting some new Contained Builds starting tomorrow and leading up to Friday night.


  1. NICE, I can't wait til Friday !!! Stockin' up on clear guys ;P

    1. Thanks Mark! This clear really catches the light, a little more so than previous versions.

  2. Awesome selection, Matt! The absence of Gobon has me suspicious, but that's what surprises are there for, right? And it's good to see a Pheyden with white sclera again! The older cartoonish style, for whatever reason, just adds a certain charm.

    No extra sets this time around, though?

    1. Thanks Roy! Old Gobon has some mold issues that have taken longer than planned to remedy. The cracking on the back was really showing up on clear versions, so we have been tweaking the mold to try and fix that issue.

      Clear Extra sets may materialize somewhere...

  3. I don't know how I missed this post as I was up really late last night, either way I'm excited to get a line up for this release. Gonna be awesome & I'm curious to see what the special surprises will be.

    1. Hey Chris! I'm looking forward to seeing what you and Victor have planned for your builds. You two make a great team up!

    2. Phew! I was beginning to think he had been sent to the retirement home ;o)

    3. Thanks Matt, it's gearing up to be something really cool once we're all finished. I have a few new things to show you, check your inbox shortly. ;-)

      Who's in the retirement home? Not me I hope, I'm still kickin'! :-D

  4. As a somewhat-new Glyoholic (my first drop participation was Hades Force) it's cool to have a chance at versions of Pheyden and the Crays in older colorways.

    Is the gray PVC a match to previous grays used? Just wondering if its close to grays like Sonesidar gray or Mono wave gray.

  5. I've been on an Armorvor kick lately, so I'll definitely show up for that. However, I think I'm most excited about that pearl white Pheyden, he looks great!

  6. Great to see Standard Pheyden back again with a matching Cray.

    Did you read my mind, Matt, because I had planned to order 2 of the Standard/ Reverse to make 1 Blue & 1 grey.

    Can you guess which color I'm thinking of now ?

  7. I love the look of that Ivorinium Pheyden. It definitely does look like polished bone! I would *GO NUTS* for an Armorvor in that color, maybe with the pink/orange colors of that Standard Mk II Crayboth for the highlights.

    1. Me too.

      After the last drop preview, I was really hoping to see both a new red and black 'Vor. So now I'm hoping for a Vor in that killer pearlescent and maybe that baby blue.

  8. Wow! That pearlescent ivory is awesome looking! I mean, it looks great by itself, but, like RumSleg said, I can see it really popping in builds along with other colors, too.

  9. I'll be out... so I'm going to do my best to buy these things on my phone... luckily I know the buildstation stuff was designed to hang around, so hopefully it won't be too hard to get things

    mostly, I'm worried about the armorvors (as always)