Atlas Argen

This contained build is what I imagine Argen evolving into under the training of Phanost.

The recipe is:

- 1 Buildman 
- 1 Phaseon
- 1 Axis Joint Set
- 1 Phase Arm
- 1 Gobon Blaster
- 2 Swing Joint Sets
- 1 Scarf

Gigantic flight packs and massive blasters, designed for long range adventures, have always been a fun aesthetic to play around with. This pile of PVC was inspired by the original Sentinel Gundam designs created by Katoki Hajime back in 1987.

Pushing Argen into more complex forms has been a bit of an ongoing challenge over here, and the introduction of the Swing Joints has added a little extra fun to the process. I also kind of like the scarf as a visor in this build. If you reverse it, the head looks a lot like an Acroyear from Microman.

Endless homages!

EDIT: Back view added.


  1. Wow, crazy build, Matt! I'd love to see one in solid colors so we could see all the details.

  2. Luv anything with a flight pack !!! Especially if he reminds me of Acroyear ;P

  3. Visor scarf is an awesome thing I never considered!

  4. Any chance we could get a shot of that backpack, Matt? Looks like there's a lot of crazy going on back there!