Alternate Means

One of the original color schemes for Noboto featured a light green head and all yellow body. It was only closer to when Michelle put out her second Sidrick book that we really switched the colors around, basically making Noboto's Reverse into his Standard.

Being able to have both styles was one of the reasons the second "Clone" head was created, as the old Noboto head design also had a point where it was bumpier and a bit more skull like.

Noboto, meet Noboto.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that Reverse Noboto (Otobon?) up there is sporting a few tweaks to his core build, with a flipped chest (macho style), reversed thighs (to stand up straight), flipped biceps (bent for battle) and a swapped belt and scarf (for sleeker lines and, uh, pockets on the back of his head).

I imagine this form being favored by the more aggressive Noboto Clones out there causing trouble.


  1. If we could have more of these tri-color waves in the future, that'd be grand. Just think of all the different combinations!

    That being said, if we're allowed more than one of each figure, it'll be a blast just swapping things around, especially in trying to work the Ivorinium Noboto into the mix. Can't wait!

  2. We've been trying to have 3 color mixes across the molds with each release, but a triple colored default build is definitely rare!

    Noboto was designed to have more options for swaps right from the start, with extra point breaks for messing around with.

    Eventually I want to revisit Pheyden and give that old Traveler some upgrades, but at the same time I feel sentimental about the little guy's roots.

    That being said, once Pheyden sees what the Sincroids have coming up, some body snatching will be taking place for sure.

    1. Sounds good to me! Would it ever be possible to see a two-mold run for Pheyden and Sarvos, then: one "classic," and one "updated" with the new kinds of swivels and sockets that are possible?

  3. I really like the alternate build. The belt fits snug right into the top of the backpack. Makes him feel a little more full to me this way. Cool stuff man!