These test shots hold a special place with me, as I've been anticipating new figure versions of two Outer Space Men characters in particular since the new OSM project started with Mel and the 4H back in 2010. The two characters are Gamma X and Colossus Rex!

When these showed up in the mail, it was like Christmas and a birthday fused into one. To see Mel's genius vision so masterfully realized by the 4H in hand was (and will always be) absolutely a dream come true.

Terra Firma, Jack Asteroid, Horrorscope and the menacing Ohpromatem were also packed in the box and all came out looking fantastic as well. It took me a little while to realize that I had a job to do, and that  reviewing the test shots was more than just a fan's paradise!

As I write this, the first production versions of these new figures (Alpha Waves) have already made their debut and have been on sale at the 4H's booth during SDCC. They are also currently available here and here in the 4H's shop (though the pics are of the upcoming Infinity Editions-the clear Alpha Waves are the ones on sale in these links).

Congratulations to the legendary Mel Birnkrant for finally seeing ALL of his original Outer Space Men in full production!

What Mel started back in 1968 continues to bring happiness and spark imaginations for people all over the world.

Thank you for the endless inspiration and for leading the way for literally generations of toymakers.

We love you, Mel.


  1. Those are beautiful. The 4 h should do a set just like that.

  2. Colossus Rex I've been waiting a while for, it was killing me that he got bumped to being made sooner rather then later. But it was worth the wait after seeing all those cool accessories he comes with. That really makes what was originally a very visually appealing character (as I'm a huge fan of monsters & the color green) even more so. These test shots look better to me then the clear ones as I can see the sculpted details better. I agree with Adam Power in wanting to see a set done up in an solid-color style.

    Gamma-X is another one that appealed to me, I can't wait to get him in hand especially to see how that whole GitD/reflective mirror effect works.

    Mel is an awesome human being, I really enjoyed the time we spoke together during the Outer Space Man 4H show back in Feb of 2012. It is indeed a milestone to see all his OSM realized in plastic. I'm curious to see where he'll go from here.

  3. There is something very appealing about these test shots. I guess they remind of the soldier and cowboy figures done in one color I had while growing up. Only these are much bigger!

    I'm a bit confused though, is this the end of the line or will there be new figures based on designs by Mel Birnkrant?

  4. The color of these test shots is fantastic.