Natural Light

A few more pics from Noboto's recent trip.

Later today, there may just be some Power Lords related images popping up...


  1. That second photo is cool! Looks like he's walking on water.

  2. These shots as of late have been lovely, Matt. I know Phil put out a book of Glyos photographs a little while back, but it'd be great to see one using your photographs as well!

  3. Arrro? Power Lords?! :) What a wonderful day.

  4. Nice shots as usual Matt, there's a lot of fun in seeing toys walking around outside in the elements. There was this picture-book I used to have as a kid, I forget the exact name of it, but it had all these animal plush toys in nature shots outside. I used to read it a lot as a young child, maybe that's why I enjoy these outdoorsey scenes so much.

    I really like the Noboto figure, I hope you make one in Rothan colors as Green = Awesome.

    Actually, now that I mention it, what does the Standard version of Noboto look like? O_o??