New to Old Ground

Playing around on the rocks of Gloucester with Noboto makes me kind of want a Voss version.

Well, maybe after the Standard version.


  1. Standard!? Hints? Whichever colorway you go with, it'll be great to pair him with his old friend Gobon again. :)
    Might we see them in complementing colors, or both in an old, forgotten coloways ?

  2. Very nice. And a Neo-Voss Noboto? Sure. In fact, you're entitled to just roll through your favorite colorways with this one., given how long Noboto took to come to fruition!

  3. Teasing us ain't fair, Doughty. Can't wait to see what this dood's standard colorway is!

  4. Yes please on the Voss! :) Really, shouldn't that be as standard to the buildstation as Clear, black, white, and GitD? ;) I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling this way towards the Voss clear color.