Testing the Lords

After a fun and very experimental process of development, the Four Horsemen's Power Lords are finally in the test shot phase!

These figures represent a lot of combined effort, blending multiple production techniques into something a little different than what we normally produce at our factory.

Featuring a brand new hybrid joint system (Glybrid!) that combines traditional insert molding with a modified but 100% compatible Glyos pin, the Four Horsemen's new Power Lords are aimed at those with a taste for the classics as well as those looking for something new.

The Four Horsemen are currently exhibiting at the San Diego Comic Con with Action Figure Xpress at booth #3345. If you're at the show or are thinking about going, make sure to drop by and say hello to the 4H in person!

Next up: The new Outer Space Men!


  1. Wowee zowee!!! Are these guys 4" actionfigures? I assumed that The Power Lords would be He-Man sized but if they ran some in 3 3/4" to 4" scale I would have them kill all my G.I.Joes!

  2. Too cool to be real. I can't wait.

  3. VERY awesome looking! I saw the parts break down & I'm thoroughly impressed! I had an inkling that they would assemble in this manner, so I'm glad to see I was on track.

    The Gripptogg/Green Gripptogg I odds are will totally buy as he's both the 1st Power Lords figure I ever owned & one of my favorite characters. Seeing him in green is just the icing on the cake! :-D

  4. Fantastic! Say Matt, if you still have the test shots in hand, would do a side-by-side with some OSM? I'm dying to see how the two lines compare. Thanks!

  5. I love this line! Would love to see an in-scale Pheyden in this line. Didn't Eric sculpt a 3 3/4" scale Pheyden noggin back in the day? Any chance we will ever see it? I also wouldn't mind seeing a comparison shot with the OSM. Ggriptogg is my favorite character. Couldn't pass up the chance to get the test shot.

  6. I've been enjoying the pictures you took of of Noboto these last few posts.

    The Power Lord figures look great, but I have no desire to buy them.

    The OSM is a different story, I placed a pre-order for one of the new Alpha Fase sets. So I'm looking forward to see those pictures.