Thank You!!!

Thank you for being part of last night's mini release! I know that the timing of things seems to be getting tighter and tighter as we move along, so I'm extra grateful to everybody who participated in Noboto and Gobon's proper debut.

Even though this was a small rollout, it means the world to our family that you guys were there for it, especially after last month's calamities.

Since our tiny company has just passed the 6 year mark in regard to selling production figures, I can't help but look back on all the twists and turns that have occurred during the trip and reminisce a little, so please forgive my ramblings.

The memory of getting the very first shipment in is still as clear as ever, as well as the feeling of dread when I realized that almost every figure was painted poorly! Those were some long nights of PVC cleaning with my sister.

The days of traveling to the post office with hand written labels seems like only yesterday. Those postal workers wanted to kill me when I'd show up with a pile of boxes to send out, all having to be manually put into the system. It got so bad, that the post office actually sent a rep out to our house 3 times to help us get automated! In the end my sister Megan dragged us into the modern age of click and ship wonder, introducing light bulbs to our cave-dwelling clan.

As the collecting scene has changed over the years, we have tried to keep our finger on its pulse, but still offer an alternative to the mainstream market. I think about how many times we came right to the edge of shutting down in the beginning, and those thoughts keep me balanced against any small successes we may have had in the days that have followed. The grim reality is that it doesn't take much to wipe out a company these days, particularly the small ones.

I bring these things up because I want you each to truly know how much we value your dedication and friendship, whether from the very start or from just last night, you are never taken for granted. 

As long as you're there, we'll continue to give it everything we've got, hopefully for many years to come.

Thanks again for making this the best anniversary yet!


  1. It's all you, Matt, Michelle, Marc, Meagan, and everyone else. Your vision, your talent, your generosity, and your very essence all keep us coming back. So long as those are constants -- and I doubt that they will ever be anything but -- then you will always have our friendship and support.

    Here's to another six, my friend. We'll all have to celebrate proper in NYC this year!

    1. Well said. That pretty much sums it up

    2. Roy said it all. Thanks to the Onell crew again, and heres to another great six years!

  2. You know, I was holding off from ordering because things are a bit tight, but after reading this, I felt like I should place an order tonight. Too many things seem to disappear once I get into them, so I'd like to see you guys stick around as long as possible.

  3. Kool !!! Cause we're not going ANYWHERE guys ;P Keep up the GREAT job.

  4. Thanks Matt and team!!! I realize that every move you make is taking a risk...some can be more calculated than others, but nonetheless you put yourself out there with every new figure and drop. I will continue to support your products and show and tell others about them!

  5. Matt, you guys are incredibly important to me and many others. I'm so happy you've been able to live your dream and realize so many others!

    (thanks, in part, to you and your fit function, not only are you and Michelle's guys real, but Jesse's and the Outer Spacemen, the SpyMonkey guys, new Power Lords and new RoboForce... that's AMAZING)

    I'm so happy I've been able to have watched as things grew into the mini toy empire it has.

    I'm looking forward to many more years of these guys

  6. Thank you Matt, for being a bastion of imagination! Its been an amazing four years, and I know the future holds great things for glyos.

  7. I think it's fantastic that you guys allow us to share your fantastic little world.

  8. You guys really are the greatest creators and team in toy making. You keep making it and we'll keep buying it! Each and every one of you deserve nothing but the best.