Thank You!

Thank you for a great trip into the Stealth Dimension!

When I was putting this order together months ago, it was due to a strange series of dreams that looked much like the images that have been on the blog in the past week. Transmissions of a geometric base, created from some otherworldly hard light ice, kept creeping into my mind, night after night. The idea of making these dreams a reality seemed far away, due to a number of production issues that exist for us when running clear vinyl. I was close to writing the "Stealth Dimension" off, and not pushing for the clear vinyl, but an opportunity came up and the option for Stealth (with bubbles and waves of course) appeared for what looked like the last time. So the trigger was pulled and here we are!

Since this will be the last of the clear colorless vinyl we produce, we decided to make a larger amount than we normally do, even though the chances of it selling through at a speedy rate would definitely be far lower and we would have to invest more than usual. I imagine that the Stealth vinyl assortment should stick around for a bit longer, and I hope this run supplies you guys with some slightly cheaper fodder for building some fun configurations. You can always turn it black with a little vinyl paint if you want to make a meaner looking machine!

Up next for us will be a drop in late July. We will not be attending SDCC for the first time in almost a decade, so we want to have something special on deck to make up for not being there. July will also mark our 5th year anniversary of full production Glyos toys! We actually debuted the first wave at SDCC and I will never forget the experience as long as I live.

We owe everything to all of you, for keeping us going since the beginning, and for being there year after year as we knocked around trying to find our groove (which we are still doing). My whole family and I thank you for absolutely everything.

Shipping from last Friday's launch starts at the end of this week, and I hope you dig the clears when they land in your hands! Neo Voss aqua green may have knocked the Gliporian orange and Phase green out of my top clear spots and the Smoke makes for a pretty good utility color, lining up fairly well across the boards with the other clear and solid colors.

The clear vinyl might seem a bit bland at first, but when you start building or sticking things inside it, something about it comes to life, with an interesting stacking of clarity that looks very alien and almost organic, like viewing a weird 3D X-ray. Anyway, you get the idea.

Thanks again for being there for our latest drop!

PS -I hope you are in the mood for a return to the Real Type color style in July. Particularly colors with a classic military vibe.


  1. Thank you bud for bringing us awesome toys!

    1. Thanks Pj! I hope you are having fun working on your molds. The casts that you have made are already a great achievement!

  2. You are one of the most sincere toymakers that's why and just enjoy collecting Glyos! Congratulations on the fifth anniversary I feel like we are the lucky ones. So big wholeheartedly thank you goes out from me to the whole doughty family!

  3. No, no, thank YOU all at Onell Design! Without your creativity, we wouldn't be able to enjoy such amazing toys.

    I'm looking forward to the next drop, but I'm glad the clear vinyl will stick around for a while. I'm sure once I have some in-hand, I'll be right back to the store to buy some more!

  4. Love that there is a lot of vinyl to go around.. So long as it's in the store, I'll be picking some up every time $$ allows!

    Thanks to you and yours, making the best toys and being the best people around :)

  5. Super excited to see these amazing colors in hand and glad that the vinyl will be around after payday!

    Even more excited for he July drop! I love military colors and will probably go more nuts than usual!

  6. Congrats on 5 years, it does n't seem that long.

    I'm LOVING the idea of a more Military vibe, my favorite drop was the Volkriun Glyan

  7. Yes please bring on the real types. End of July sounds great as well.

  8. I'd also like to say congrats on the upcoming 5 year anniversary. That's longer than a lot of retail lines that most of us cherished as a kid.

    I do have a couple of questions though. You said there was a little more life left in the traveler mold so does that mean he might be taking a Gobonesque sabbatical? I know this is the last of the clear colorless vinyl and it sounds like you really didn't dig the air bubbles and other problems so does this mean we'll pretty much see nothing but solid colors for all forthcoming vinyl (no phase blocks, smoke armodocs, redlaw rigs, etc.)?

    Commendations on this last drop and I hope Michelle feels better.

    1. Thanks John! I'm thankful we are still squeaking by, here on the outskirts of the toy industry. We are lucky that each day we can continue to make these little things and talk with you guys on a regular basis. I know it could all end in a flash, so I love every minute of doing this, even with the air bubbles and occasional stray paint line.

      Speaking of those air bubbles, I'm extra critical of stuff like that. When you play with the clear vinyl though, it really amounts to nothing, as I actually love the clear parts. My main concern is that you guys know what to expect, so that's why it might come across as a little sharp when I describe it online.

      I would love to make other clear vinyl parts in different shades, but the factory get such a high rejection rate that in the end it's a hassle to do. Don't forget that you can dye the clear to get a pretty good match with the existing PVC colors.

      In the end I just wanted to see those clear structures one time in person, and at least run all the molds we have in clear so we could each have a shot at getting some to play with and customize. I can't wait until after we ship everything out from this drop so I can get painting!

      Thanks for asking about Michelle, she is feeling much better and is hard at work getting the invoices squared away.

  9. I am SO looking forward to more Real Type. That's what really brought me in, and I'm very happy to hear about it for July. I gotta put some $$s away...

  10. Hey Matt,
    I remember that 1st SDCC, also the only time we've met. Tyme really does fly when you're having fun !!! Looking forward to the next 5 and thanks for the stealth wave :P

  11. Why won't you be at SDCC? You'll be missed!