The central platform of the Stealth Dimension Base started out as this kind of geometric UFO for Pheyden.

Building off the central "ball" inspired design, the Saucer has three Blocks integrated into its structure, with one located in the center of the ball and one inside each outer "wing". I imagine that since the Wedges are little semi-sentient creations in my tiny mind, the entire combined ship can reconfigure very quickly, and by summoning more Wedges can become the main hub for a central base setup.

Depending on what kind of Traveler is "Blocked" inside the main ball, the connected constructs become imbued with abilities that reflect that contained Traveler's own specific powers. The Traveler can then take control of the complete structure and alter its entire form with simply a thought.

I have definitely been playing with this stuff for too many weeks in a row! Hope you guys enjoy the pics of this odd build.

Next up: A Battle to Balance


  1. And the mystery of "what's that pink thing?" has been solved! Why, it's simply Nonillia Pheyden, controlling it.

  2. amazing trasparency....
    want it all!!!

  3. These builds are just amazing!