Phaseon Manipulation

Ever since the Phaseon came into the picture, I've been drawn more and more into playing with the little bugger. Maybe it has to do with the core parts finally being returned to the fold after existing as the Beanbot for a number of years. Or perhaps it's that I'm a little sentimental about the figure in general due to its history within our ranks. Whatever the reason, I really like building with the Phaseon.

One of the big concepts behind the Hub Set was creating something that could breath new life into the older molds without breaking the bank. The Phaseon was one of the main targets for this thinking.

I imagine that the Phaseons are the "children" of the Renegade Gobons, existing as mechanical lifeforms designed and built by other mechanical lifeforms, true successors to the Gendrone legacy in their collective mindset. On the surface they seem almost like lifeless drones, barely making a sound and going about their business without missing a beat. But within they share a secret agenda, a plan that could guide the lowly Phaseons to an all new level of existence, one that could take them beyond the Edge of Space.

The Master Phaseon expands on the Strike Form Hi-Phaseon's  pattern, adding 2 more Phase Arms and 2 more Gobon Blasters. A contained build, this is one tall glass of Phase Energy.

There is a reason that these particular Phaseons avoid the Axis Tech and stick with the Phase powered stuff...

*The pic of the Neo Voss Master Phaseon up there is shot in lower light to better show the hue. It really is a unique color that behaves in some unexpected ways. It practically glows in direct sunlight!


  1. I bet the hub set looks like a little jeweled scarab. Will have to snatch one up and set it in gold.

  2. Well. Looks like I have a new ZRU Master Phaseon to make when I get home! I'm glad I ordered 4 ZRU Phase Sets when I did, instead of just 2. I really like how you figured out a use for those pegs on the back of the Hi-Phaseon legs.

    The Strike Form's bacpack was a bit finicky (at least for me), and it kept flopping about. I'm also glad to see an official picture of the ZRU Phaseon "Hubgrades" after only using ZED to show them off.

    I'll definitely need a normal Neo Voss Hi-Phaseon to help complete my set, but please let the Master Phaseon be the ultimate evolution of them. Hi-Phaseons are expensive enough, hehe! XD

    1. Having now made a Master Phaseon, I can attest to how massive it is! It towers over my Hi-Phaseons, and dwarfs my normal Phaseons and Travelers.The stilt legs and arms are a bit silly, being so long, but I think it's a very impressive piece of Glyos ingenuity!

  3. Knew I forgot something! I meant to add:
    Beyond the toy aspect, I'm loving this story of Phaseons! They've been my favourites ever since my first Stealth Phaseon in my first order, and I always wodnered about their backstory.

  4. This is making me very, very happy, and very, very sad all at the same time ;w;

  5. Always glad to read more story, my friend. And the build is fantastic! Still, kinda wish I had the scratch to make one of my Paræon builds out of the new stuff. The Voss coloration looks more and more fantastic each time!

  6. This little tidbit of story doesn't make them sound as sinister as the previous hints. I think Argen still comes off as a dick for leaving all those gendrones though.

  7. Phaseons don't use Axis tech because I used it all.