Stealth Dimension Division

My apologies for the drop out! As per usual, just before a launch, a member of our family gets hit with a sickness. This time it's strep throat for Michelle, so the last week has been tight with Dad duty.

Without further delay, here is the list for what's on deck for Friday, May 25th, at 9:30PM EDT:

United Glyan Coalition: Stealth Dimension Division

-Glyan Neo Voss (Clear Aqua Green/no paint apps) $6
-Glyan Smoke (Clear Gray/no paint apps) $6

-Buildman Neo Voss (Clear Aqua Green/no paint apps) $6
-Buildman Smoke (Clear Gray/no paint apps) $6

-Phaseon Neo Voss (Clear Aqua Green/no paint apps) $4
-Phaseon Smoke (Clear Gray/no paint apps) $4

-Neo Voss Pheyden (Clear Aqua Green with painted eyes) $8
-Smoke Exellis (Clear Gray with painted eyes) $8
-Nonillia Pheyden (Clear Pink with infused Sparkle Bits and painted eyes) $8
-Classified Pheyden MK II-Traveler Klace (Solid Black with painted eyes) $8
NOTE-The Travelers and Sincroids will not come with an extra head this time.

-Extra Set Neo Voss (Clear Aqua Green with painted eyes -Sarvos head, Phanost head, Scar Pheyden head, Sarvos chest and pelvis) $5
-Extra Set Smoke (Clear Gray with painted eyes -Sarvos head, Phanost head, Scar Pheyden head, Sarvos chest and pelvis) $5

-Crayboth Neo Voss (Clear Aqua Green/no paint apps) $4
-Crayboth Smoke (Clear Smoke/no paint apps) $4

-Hub Set Neo Voss (Clear Aqua Green/no paint apps) $4
-Hub Set Smoke (Clear Gray/no paint apps) $4
NOTE-Each Hub Set is sold in a specific Drone configuration.

-Axis Joint Set Neo Voss (Clear Aqua Green/no paint apps) $4
-Axis Joint Set Smoke (Clear Gray/no paint apps) $4

-Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set Neo Voss (Clear Aqua Green/no paint apps) $2
-Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set Smoke (Clear Gray/no paint apps) $2

-Core Block Stealth Dimension Division (Clear Colorless/no paint apps) $10

-Heavy Armored Rig Stealth Dimension Division (Clear Colorless/no paint apps) $20

-Rig Runner Stealth Dimension Division (Clear Colorless/no paint apps) $18

-Armodoc Stealth Dimension Division MK III (Clear Colorless with painted eyes) $20

-Conversion Kit (consists of 1 long Rig Arm and 1 short Rig Arm for customizing vinyl figures)
 Stealth Dimension Division (Clear Colorless/no paint apps) $10

-Tri Hub "Wedge" Single  (vinyl isosceles triangle that can be customized for connectivity with all Glyos vinyl) Stealth Dimension Division (Clear Colorless/no paint apps) $3

-Switch Pin Single (vinyl male/male pin which can convert any vinyl female fit function into a male) Stealth Dimension Division (Clear Colorless/no paint apps) $1

NOTE -ALL the  Stealth Dimension Division Clear Colorless vinyl parts have MULTIPLE RANDOM AIR BUBBLES and VISIBLE ROTOCAST "WAVES" throughout the material.

This is due to the process used to create rotocast vinyl at our factory in China. The process used to create clear colorless vinyl in Japan is much different and yields a product with a higher clarity. 

We will not be running this clear colorless rotocast vinyl again. Even though the clarity is not hyper translucent, the quality of the vinyl is just as high as all our previous runs and the parts feel and fit great.

Thanks for reading that mountain!

PS -The pink sparkle is crazy looking in the sunlight. It has little specs that shimmer like tiny rainbows! 


  1. Two words: Thank you! Everything looks awesome!

  2. Sweet, sweet offerings this time around. I've got to say, those Ice Cave pictures are some of the coolest pics you've ever posted. Makes me want to buy hordes of clear Crayboth...

    Just last week Mrs Cappy was hospitalized for strep gone wrong, so my heart goes out to the Doughty clan. Wishing you all a full recovery.

    1. Is she feeling better now? Michelle is pretty beat down from it. I hope Mrs. Cappy is on mend.

      I'm happy that you like the new pics.
      Thanks Cappy!

  3. Thanks Pete! These colors are kind of tough to photograph all together, as the light you see them under really pushes the colors around. That Neo Voss can look very green in a certain light, then almost a bluish green in another. I like the lighter tint on it, I think that's part of why it shifts around so much.

    1. Looking forward to playing around with Neo Voss! The advanced screening of Smoke Exellis has left me in complete awe of what it can do in shifts of light. He's been tagging along with me to and from school this week. Thanks again!

  4. Holy crap bro!!! The clear Block/Wedge diorama reminds of Hasbro's "Astrolite."


    I have had a couple of these over the years and they are rad...but, Blocks/Wedges/Swtich Pins are waaaaaaaay better!!!

    MJ & I are totally in awe of this drop bro! The Nonillia Pheyden is krazy-kewl!!!


    1. Nice! That set was a huge inspiration for this new base. That, and of course all things Micropolis. The central part of the above base can come out and operate as a flying saucer (pics this week).

      Thanks Marty!

  5. This is the best comeback from an absence of silence I've ever witnessed! Like usual with big image-heavy posts, I'm too excited to read the text (or pay attention to pictures!) so you'll have to give me a minute to calm down! XD

  6. Those shapes are gorgeous. Wonderful colors in there. The area you built up is the best so far.

    Makes me think of the multi layered chess from StarTrek haha.

    1. Thanks Jared, I went a little insane trying to get the lighting right. I ended up shining 9 bulbs on that sucker at once! I've never had a better lit room in my life.

  7. Okay, I think I've figured everything out. Nonillia Pheyden really threw me for a bend in my budget! I can't resist crazy-looking sparkly clear things~!!

    Anyway, it looks like I'll be skipping out on a couple of things, and hoping other things stick around for a while longer (those ZRU Phaseons certainly lasted a long time!), but I swear this will be the drop I finally get my hands on some vinyl! *Makes a triumphant pose*

    1. That sparkly Pheyden is dedicated to Michelle. When I asked her what her most desired color would be, she said "pink and sparkly". Pulse Pheyden was one of her old favorites, so this kind of continues that arc.

    2. That's pretty neat to hear! I'll be sure to take extra good care of mine.

  8. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Almost speechless. GLYOCITY.

    I might as well just send my entire tax return to you, you magnificent bastard.

    Extremely impressive and inspiring..

    1. Maybe we should build a house out of this stuff. We could use it as a Vinyl Addiction Recovery Support residence.

      I'm psyched that you dig the new structures!

  9. Reminds me of the ice sculptures in Sapporo. Ice ice baby Glyos! I love the idea of using the triangles to build Micropolis-esque structures...

    1. Thanks Bry! Nothing will ever be as cool as the old Micropolis sets, but maybe these "wedged out" oddities will at least bring back some good memories of playing around with the best toys in the late 70's!!!

  10. After calming down a bit(JUST A BIT THOUGH) I am wondering if the DSG Cane restock is still going to be appearing with this drop? Will have to budget this down to the wire..

    1. The DSG Cane will not make it for this drop, as we are developing some better helmet spray masks that should make the eventual return of Cane hopefully worth the wait. We haven't forgotten about that little devil!

  11. I hope some of this stuff lasts past the 1st..

    1. The clear stuff has a tendency to stick around longer than the solid stuff.

  12. Sorry for starting a new comment line rather than replying to the other ones, but for some reason my wacky computer isn't letting me tack on to the above...

    Anywho, vinyl addiction indeed! I look forward to more pictures of this beast and am SUPER excited to see the workings of this detachable UFO structure.

    I've been experimenting with bigger vinyl builds and they are a joy to play with and work with. I have noticed that once you exceed a certain size for mech like builds they kind of crumble under their own weight without support. A while ago I made this:


    And a couple of people on the boards suggested I send it to you, so this seems as good a time as any!
    Since then I've toyed with putting metal coathangers through large builds for support and it works pretty well.

    The good news is that with structures like the one you've shown off, they can be free standing without modification! I hope to be able to get enough to at least construct a bridge and tower like you've done here... it's simply amazing and keep up the great work!

    PS It's a great tale of how you chose the new Nonillia color! Adorable in all the right ways :)

    1. Amazing!!! Your builds are absolutely inspiring!!! That shot of just the feet is a killer, I laughed out loud when it loaded.

      The "droop" issue can be a bummer when things get too big. I've tried cutting smaller holes and it helps a lot, but the structure still gets compromised if you go huge. The coat hangers could work though.

      The wedges are fun to mess with because the angles can be used to support bigger things. I use a similar approach with the PVC when building larger with the Axis Joints. A 45 degree angle can take some abuse!

      Thanks for the links to your creation, that baby sized behemoth is a knockout!

  13. Crazy Crystal City! There is some alliteration for you ;)You captured some pretty killer stuff in those pics! Bravo mate!

  14. Just got my whishlist all sorted out and ready for Friday. Wanted to again say thank you for these amazing figures you make.

    This'll be my first time with vinyl and I'm really looking forward to it! I can already see Klace standing next to his Rig on my growing Glyos shelf.

  15. I love everything! (But I am a little bummed that there isn't a Voss Armodoc. Any chance you have one of those laying around?!!!) Excited!

  16. Hokey smokes! O_O That's gotta be one of the coolest builds you've done to date with all the vinyl bits, it looks very reminiscent of the Fortress of Solitude from the Superman movies. Really carries that vibe of peace, learning and contemplation- like this is an ancient secret world that's laid hidden for years from the eyes of the universe.

    Beth is really excited about the new Crayboth colorways & I'm probably gonna be focusing on PVC parts this drop as I got so much vinyl from the previous drop.

    That giant High Phaseon build is INSANE. I keep wondering how much bigger you'll upgrade the phaseon with the next drop; I'm waiting for it to explode just like Mr. Creosote from Monty Python's Meaning of Life. O_o

    Keep up the good work dude and Beth & I hope Michelle feels better soon.

  17. Those bugs can be a nasty sort, indeed, and here's hoping that Michelle makes a speedy recovery!

    Also, these pictures are gorgeous, Matt! Just staring at them fills the ears with icy echoes and the sound of scraping and sliding upon ice. Aside from the sea glass, one of the first things that struck me about the Neo Voss Pheyden was that he looked as though he belonged on an ice world. Again, it seems to have been planned all along, or at least made to seem so!

    Good luck with the drop! (Man, those dueling Sarvos just look right standing next to each other. Old rivalry of some kind?)

  18. Wow! These look incredible, Matt! Well done, sir!

  19. Take care! Give our best regards to Michelle!

    The clear setup you have looks awesome. How can you stand parting with it all :-)

  20. Ooooh. Many Crayboth figures! Happy times.

  21. HOLY SHIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!
    Heart Failure here! Wow Matt!
    I love the Pink ones...it's like you read my mind. neo Voss is Super RAD Too!!! Clears are going to be fun. They will be dyed or trans painted...maybe Super Sanded!!! LOL! Can't wait good sir.

  22. The Clear Block Diorama takes me back to your Urethane days. Like the time you used Jello;) Very cool.

  23. I'm going to load up on hubs, travellers and axis this time around... maybe the rig runner, but that's the ONLY vinyl I'm getting...

    I need the sparkly pink pheyden... there are a bunch of color ways I want to mess around with (don't judge, sparkly clears are awesome)

    on the other hand... I should be home for this drop... and cognizant