Crawling Pancakes

The Wedges and Switch Pins have taken over my mind. It's fun to see how far the simple geometry can be pushed and what your eye begins to identify in the shapes as they build up. This is the first little guy that got the clear ball rolling. A mid sized Crawler that can become entirely flat, with just a few simple twists and turns an insectoid form takes shape and it's ready to shuffle some Blocks around in the Dimension Base. When the work is complete the Crawler reverts back to its pancake mode and scoots on out of the way.

Next up: Pheyden's New Ride

1 comment:

  1. I've always been a fan of reconfigurable machines (thus my love of Transformers!) so it's cool to see the concept fleshed out farther than the (already cool) perspective transformer of the Rig.